Ostriches are very beefy birds with high commercial value. Every part of ostrich production is profitable - from the meat, eggs, chicks, oils, plumes and hides to the whole ostrich. The white feathers of the male, which are large and soft, are the ostrich plumes of commercial value.  Ostrich meat is low in fat and cholesterol. It is increasingly recommended by nutritionists, especially for the elderly and people living with chronic diseases that require modified diets. Top class hotels also pay well for these top class meat specie.

The world is now switching to ostrich as they are the livestock of the future. This is partly because the birds are far more prolific and easier to raise than other livestock particularly cattle. In fact, many cattle ranches are now being converted to ostrich farms. Ostrich skin is the world’s finest leather and therefore most expensive, you can obtain about 14 square feet of leather from each 14 months old bird with a total of about $400 to $500. This is apart from the carcass value, the eggs, oil and other benefits.

The ostrich is an intriguing animal. It is a bird but it cannot fly. As a member of the flightless family of birds called ratites, it has evolved with a pair of powerful legs capable of propelling it away from danger at speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour.
Current demand for ostrich breeding stock far surpasses supply, resulting in excessively high prices for all ages of birds. Successful production depends on implementing scientifically proven practices in management and husbandry; breeding, brooding and rearing; nutrition, health maintenance and, above all, hatchery management and incubation.

Getting Started

An ostrich business can be started in one of the following ways:

  • Buy eggs and hatch chicks. Requires the least capital initially, provided eggs can be obtained at reasonable cost. However, production is two years away.
  • Buy started, sexed chicks (8 weeks or older). Reduces problems involved in hatching and early brooding but will, of course, be more expensive than eggs. Again, production is at least two years away.
  • Buy well sexed chicks (three months or older) the main advantages is that you are at least sure of the sexes and specie.
  • Buy juveniles (year-old-birds). Offers the opportunity to select quality birds within a year of sexual maturity.

Buy proven breeders. The expensive route, but enables the producer to begin production immediately.
This exotic fowl, known mainly to the public as exhibits at the zoo, the meat taste like beef, but with less fat and cholesterol and fewer calories than either beef or poultry. Cattle ranchers, small farmers, would-be agriculturalists, retirees, banks and other investors are being urged to regard the farming of these birds as potentially very profitable, even more than cattle, with minimum land, food and facility requirements.

Farmers are interested in the birds because they produce relatively large amounts of high-quality meat.It looks like beef but is low in cholesterol; it’s really quite acceptable with a lot of flavour.
We can provide you with all of the information and training you will need to run a successful ostrich farm.

For anyone thinking of purchasing an ostrich and wants the best ostrich hand in hand with the best service and knowledge then you have come to the right place. We have fertile Ostrich eggs and Chicks for people who would like to raise their own.
We can deliver the ostrich at your door step or alternatively you can come and pick them up at the farm.


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