Mushrooms can be found in forests around the world. Given the proper environment, mushrooms will grow and can offer a good source of natural vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms can also bring illness and even death to people who are unaware of certain types of wild mushrooms. Cultivated mushrooms are therefore the preferred and most reliable source of supply.

Mushroom is not an entirely new food item on the table of Nigerians, it was at a point relegated to the background as food for rural dwellers, but today it’s regarded as a delicacy and medicinal food for the rich because of its high cost.The interest in cultivation and consumption of mushroom is picking up in Nigeria, the few people that have embraced it are not only smiling to banks, they are also enjoying both the nutritional and health value derived from consuming it.

Edible mushrooms are considered as healthy food because their mineral content is higher than that of meat or fish and most vegetables. The protein content of fresh mushrooms is about twice that of vegetables and four times that of oranges. Mushrooms contain proteins which have all the nine amino-acids that are essential for our health.

Many opportunities abound in the production of mushrooms as many hospitality industries in the country still import the product to add to their meals. Majority of big hotels in Nigeria have mushrooms in their daily menu, but this mushrooms came from abroad, this means local production will have a ready market.

The technology for the cultivation of mushroom species could be easily adopted by individuals, co-operative societies, families, farmers, schools in the rural and urban centers without difficulties. The cultivation of the mushroom can be done all year round as sources of the mushrooms are from agricultural wastes which are always available in abundance in Nigeria.

At JOVANA FARMS, the production of quality oyster mushroom involves the following: Producing PDA medium, selecting tissue culture, multiplying spawn on sorghum seeds, producing substrate bags, pasteurizing bags, inoculating bags with sorghum seeds, incubating bags, opening bags, maintaining and monitoring, harvesting and packaging.
The mushroom industry in Nigeria is growing. This industry provides consumers with food that is delicious, nutritious and medicinal. Our lives are made better through the availability of mushrooms all year round. In addition, they greatly add to our health.

We cultivate oyster mushrooms naturally with agricultural waste materials to produce our high quality edible oyster mushrooms for top class hotels and restaurants and mushroom spawn and bag for people who would like to harvest their ownready-made from their kitchen. We deliver year round on our weekly route to stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and individuals.



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080 33262 808 / 08029373076 / 080 52168189
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127, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos.
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