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Nigeria is richly blessed with agricultural resources. Many of these resources are grossly underutilized while many others have not been exploited at all. Nigerians are not fully aware of the potentials of the export sector of the country’s economy in respect to revenue generation. Moreover, export has been viewed by many as the exclusive enterprise for the rich, multinational corporations, or those with tones of naira. Surprisingly, this is not the case; an average individual can go into agricultural export business. Many small scale enterprises have been responsible for the export drive in many countries.

Its high time private investors latched in on the situation to help the government out by going into serious agriculture. There is no gainsaying that Nigeria is seriously challenged. It is obvious, isn’t it? However, the greatest threat to national stability today is food security. By way of definition, food security is the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

It is imperative we all know that we are stakeholders in tackling the issue of food security.  We can be smallholder farmers planting vegetables and fruits in our backyards. We can engage in small scale animal husbandry and poultry in our homes. We can also provide an enabling environment so that those who want to engage in agriculture can practise without fear of molestation. Food security is the best security because, as the saying goes, an hungry man is an angry man.

Currently, the trade balance of agricultural products is not encouraging news for our country. The trade balance refers to value of goods shipped out of this country compared to the value of goods shipped into this country. In recent years, some industries have lost a large share of their market to companies in other countries. However, Crude oil still dominates Nigeria’s export. Agricultural revolution through economic diversification is the way to go for a stable future.


Exportable agro products from Nigeria includes: Ugu, Utazi, palm oil, kolanut, ogbono, bitter leaf, honey, chilli pepper, groundnut, hard wood, snails, garri, grasscutters, catfish, charcoal, timber, melon, cassava chips, cashew, sesame seeds, plantain flour, cassava flour, yam flour, Shea butter, crayfish, bitter kola, and other products are shipped to other countries, but in a very small quantity.

Nigerians should produce and export more goods outside crude oil. Our economy will grow better if each day we export many agricultural products to other countries. This could generate more money annually for our economy and create business activities and millions of jobs. To maximize earnings from our farming ventures, we should include the plan for setting up a processing and packaging facility along with the farming project. It helps make export smooth, compact and easier.

OUR CORE EXPORT SERVICES: Export Workshop/ Training. We deal in Large Scale Trade & Exportation of agro product from Nigeria. Commodities Export from Nigeria - Non Oil Export from Nigeria is lucrative!


LEARN- how to be part of Nigeria's current MONEY-SPINNER and Multi-Billion naira foodstuff market with over 50 exportable Foodstuffs and other non-oil export products you can export to foreign countries.

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  • Know everything about Food Stuff Export and Other non-oil export to the INTERNATIONAL MARKET
  • Where to Sell, How to Sell, What to Sell
  • Assist PARTICIPANTS in Export CONTRACT Modalities
  • Assist Participants with Freight forwarding of their Export goods
  • Direct and Open ACCESS to Genuine FOREIGN Wholesale Buyers NETWORK
  • Quality PACKAGING & Acceptable PRICING Standards for the various Exportable Commodities
  • Free AFTER-TRAINING Consultation and Mentorship on export business
  • LIVE and Direct Experiences & Strategies of traders and Exporters and HOW they DEAL!





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