Animal production can be an excellent investment if, like any other business is planned carefully and managed efficiently. Like many other forms of agri-business it takes experience to realize good returns.

However, many investors enter the industry with insufficient capital and training, expect overnight break-even, and manage their business like hobby farm. Many of their designs are inappropriate to their particular species and local climate, and advice is taken from people not directly associated with the industry.

Farm layouts should be designed to be compact and time efficient. Pens, hutches and ponds maximize the use of land space while maintaining the goal of maximizing growth rates and production of first grade animals. We can reduce your expenses substantially with advice gained over many years of experience in livestock farming and farm set-up.

Jovana Integrated Farms delivers complete technology on Intensive and Extensive Systems based on agro-farming to meet your budgets, even if you don't have substantial capital we know how you can improvise. If you desire to invest in animal husbandry at any time, we are ready and experienced to train, guide and mentor you wisely from procurement of suitable land, site survey, location of project set-ups, feasibility reporting and construction of a formidable animal farm.



JOVANA FARMS-CONSULTANCY SERVICES“The Right Partner to lead the Way"
We help farmers to set up formidable farms! Our Livestock consultancy services offers hands-on-solutions for farmers to improve on their Livestock farming ventures.

1. Develop the Animal Farmers Standard of Excellence.
We see to sustainable farm set up and farmers training needs and basic operational requirements. Workable management methods are focused where each individual farmer’s circumstances are taken into consideration as they may vary depending on location, climatic conditions, breeds and management intensity.

2. Holistic & Strategic thinking is what we offer. Driving day to day operations and making a difference to your farming venture.
Our services are extended to cover all West African Countries. The aim is to design practical solutions that enable Livestock farmers to take corrective measures in order to improve profitability, production, reproduction and sustainability. We would like farmers to gain from this experience.

3. Help set up New Farming Ventures.
We also offer prospective farmers consultancy to start up operations. Costing, budget, financial support, planning, market research, procurement and many more aspects are covered whereby prospective farmers can take the giant leap into the Livestock industry with good planning forming the backbone to future prosperity. Turn Key solutions are also offered with holistic management contributions.

Services / Consultancy (subject to enquiries):
(a) Artificial Insemination Services
(b) Food Preservation
(c) Landscaping
(d) Selecting and Using Hand Tools
(e) Pregnancy Diagnosis
(f) Semen Collection Processing & Evaluation

Interested customers are advised to send us an enquiry so that an assessment can be made how best to address the consultancy process. To address key issues, information is essential and visitations are required to offer practical solutions.

When an investor sees a fertile, well-drained, secured land and decides to start farming activities there - That’s a great idea.

If the investor agrees to start livestock business-That’s a beautiful approach!
When the entrepreneur takes advice from the roadside or people not associated with livestock industry - That’s a big blunder!

If the investor later decides to start the farm construction himself without professional advice - That’s a big mistake!
If he manages the farm like a hobby farm-That’s his business!

But, if the investor finally settlefor a sustainable, well-designed farm set-up that will stand the test of time and decides to stock the farm with high yielding, exotic foundational animals; and he needs expert-consultancy services for a profitable agricultural business? - Now, That’s JOVANA FARMS business!!

Call Jovana Farms - Consultancy services to lead the way for sustainable farming venture. Tel: 08033262808, 08029373076.
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Jovana Integrated Farms

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  1. Training
  2. Farm Set-Up
  3. Agro Export Business
  4. Technical Support
  5. Nationwide Agro Awareness Seminars
  6. Consultancy
JOVANA INTEGRATED FARMS is a leading agricultural project management company with a core focus on breeding and marketing products of grasscutter, ostrich, snail, fish, mushroom, etc. We provide services across the entire grasscutter, ostrich and other livestock production, offering training services and solutions....
080 33262 808 / 08029373076 / 080 52168189
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127, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos.
92 / 94 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu.
Owerri-Aba Exp. Rd; Airport Junction, Umuowa, Ngor-Okpalla, Imo
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